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[], (Noun)

- The action or practice of working with gemstones, precious metals, etc., to produce ornamental artefacts or jewellery; the art or profession of a jeweller.

- Decorative embroidery or needlework incorporating real or imitation jewels, used to embellish a garment, etc.; decoration of this sort.

- Any decoration or ornament consisting of, or incorporating, gemstones; work of the type produced by a jeweller.

- The action or practice of using or fitting gemstones to act as bearings or pivot-holes in the mechanism of a watch or similar instrument. Also: the result of this; work utilizing jewels for this purpose; that part of a mechanism which incorporates gems used in this way.

- An overglaze technique for decorating ceramics (especially porcelain) producing raised, coloured, bosses or globules reminiscent of gemstones, typically on a gold or silver foil ground; the action of applying such decoration.


early 17th century (in an earlier sense). Partly from jewel + -ing

definition by Oxford Dictionaries