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[kwiːn], (Noun)

- the female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth
(e.g: he insisted the princess could be crowned queen)

- the most powerful chess piece that each player has, able to move in any direction along a rank, file, or diagonal on which it stands.

- a playing card bearing a representation of a queen, normally ranking next below a king and above a jack.

- a reproductive female in a colony of social ants, bees, wasps, or termites, frequently the only one present in a colony.

- a gay man, especially one with an ostentatiously affected, flamboyant, or feminine manner.

- an adult female cat that has not been spayed.


Old English cwēn, of Germanic origin; related to quean

[kwiːn], (Verb)

- behave in an unpleasantly superior way towards (someone)
(e.g: Monique was queening it over everybody)

- convert (a pawn) into a queen when it reaches the opponent's back rank on the board.



definition by Oxford Dictionaries