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We have found lemma(root) word of years : year.


[jəː], (Noun)

- the time taken by the earth to make one revolution around the sun

- the period of 365 days (or 366 days in leap years) starting from the first of January, used for reckoning time in ordinary circumstances

- one's age or time of life
(e.g: she had a composure well beyond her years)

- a very long time; ages
(e.g: it's going to take years to put that right)

- a set of students grouped together as being of roughly similar ages, mostly entering a school or college in the same academic year
(e.g: most of the girls in my year were leaving at the end of the term)

- a year and a day
- in the year of our Lord —
- put years on
- take years off
- year in, year out
- — of the year

Old English gē(a)r, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch jaar and German Jahr, from an Indo-European root shared by Greek hōra ‘season’

definition by Oxford Dictionaries