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August 21 2018 - I knew it

July 1 2018
Nice high dives

January 25, 2018
America has been obsessed by race since its founding. I never understood why you would care what someones race is anyways. Watching Guardians of the Galaxy I had to see who Gamora since she was pretty dang cool in the movie and all green. So yes I was like who is this actress. And then I think see you can't even tell if the person is white or african american. People just want to be cruel and hateful. So I got her name so I could check out her other movies and get to know her. Gamora

All people are crazy and don't use their brains. Here is proof.

May 25 2016 - 5 Things to do once you get laid off.

This weeks column of Ask Steve will deal with 5 things you must do when you have been laid off. First and foremost, do not ask your boss any questions like 'Why was I fired.' Second tell your boss he or she is the one that needs to be fired and give 10 examples of how stupid they are. Third whenever you talk to your boss in the office come prepared for this point; Ice cold water is good. You just throw it in the boss' face and say 'oops I was startled.' The last one is optional that if want you will meet them behind the school at 3 pm. and hand them a map of the closest school and an X on where you will be. Lastly while you can't punch the boss feel free as to punch the one employee you utterly hate as you walk out of the office. Optionally you can out source the punching the boss in the face to an Indian on one of the many websites offering this service.

I will add a short story. I wwas in a chess tournament and I am a pretty average to below average player. There was little hope I was going to win. Sort of like the horse going off at 130-1 in the Kentucky derby. So this one guy who just makes fun of my play style and my moves and I am within ear shot. The whole day I hear this. I lose all my games because I'm matched with 2000+ players. But I do beat one person. Can you guess who. Yup, the big mouth talker. He probably shot his chessboard and poured acid all over it and burned his chess pieces.

April 22 2016
I was talking to Siri today for fun and was amazed at what she had to say. Listen in.

April 14 - Debate

Listening to the debate tonight and it sounded like at the end Hillary Clinton said " We won't just make promised we can't keep". If I heard that right. Bernie Sanders hung in their and had a good close. Hillary if this is what she blundered out at the end just did an insta lose. A Freudian slip as they call it I guesss. We won't just make promises we can't keep. Before I go on with stuff like We will also , well it would be hard to top promises you can't keep. I hope she didn't say that but I will have to wait for the tapes to show to get hold and check out the ending again.

March 2, 2016 - She is pretty cool
Ran into her article and I liked it.
Cool Singer

January 31, 2016 - Yeti Coolers , why I like um
These guys have a great idea, a cooler you can stand on in the fishing boat. They then make it and it sells great. Now all the other companies just copy them and there isn't anything they can do about it. Unless they got a patent or something to make it harder for the other companies to copy. But great job and a great product!

January 31, 2016 - This week's Ask Steve question

Advice when hiring employees

As you can see I have none. Actually try to avoid those that think they are better than you. Look down on you. Want you to step aside from the company you built up so they can take over. They verbally ask you to step aside so they can take over, 'I think its time for you to step aside' is what I remember.......Yea these you need to avoid at all costs.

December 5, 2015 - Bait and Switch
Go to a store and the item is 'sold out' that you saw in the article for $100 but they just happen to have the $200 comparable item in stock. Ho HO HO. Welcome Bait and Switch. Even Facebook did it but I hate facebook for banning me for no reason. Even apps and digital companies do it. They create an app for free and get lots of users than flood it with Ads as the article describes. But I here at WordUnscrambler.com have never done that. I've flooded you with ads from the onset. Actually I just read the standard ads sites used and got a template and went with it and never changed it much. I focus on the website and let the ads just fit in where I think they fit best. The rule has always been 3 ads max. Banner, square, and skyscraper. These companies build up with no ads and implying there never will be. That is just lying and I don't like it. Show the ads and let users know you have ads. I've never had any complaints except when I did go ad crazy after discovering ads and soon realized that was a mistake and put the old code back online. Yes the users bombarded me with emails stating so.
Good old slimy baint and switch

November 17, 2015 - Lets see what the new Chinese jet looks like , the J-31 fighter
All this talk about China stealing our tech. Crazy talk, totally. Or is it? I'm sure China has an explanation for it.

November 17, 2015 - This week's Ask Steve question
What are the signs you are paying your ad agency to much money?
Good question. They are driving Hummers, BMW's, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, well you get the idea. If they get out of the car smoking a Cuban cigar and blow smoke in your face as you walk by and don't even care that your the owner. Well that is another red flag I often see. But I am glad for the question and glad to answer it. Stay tuned for next weeks question on, Ask Steve.

November 17, 2015 - Remembering the dirtballs of the Internet
I remember when the internet first started all the dirtbags came out of the word work. Everyone trying hard to make money and some people finding hacks to steal all our money. One of the worst was people stealing/hijacking the cookies we worked so hard to get. If people bought stuff we got 2% and while it was few hundred bucks a month it was something. But we never got money. Constantly we go reports that said Money Earned off Commissions - $0.00. So I and many others went crazy calling Amazon and others cheap skates and liars. Then we found out some people figured out how to hijack cookies so they got the Commissions instead of us. I'm sure they were sitting there heh heh hehe but I wasn't.

What someone much smarter than me told me what that this piece of garbage could put a 30 day cookie in everyones browser so if they went to amazon or any affiliate site and bought something he got the money not my site or any other site that the user was clicking or following to Amazon or where ever. The cookies would last 30 days and he had a constant flow of people that he could drop these cookies onto. Pure hijacking.

Fast forward to this year when my ads got hijacked. They got hijacked from the ad server not my site. So pop ups and all kinds of ads started showing and making users mad. I got mad emails and then looked into it because I do NOT show pop ups. Then found out my ads were being hijacked. Why was I targeted, no idea. But I hope we have solved the problem even though it means making less money because we are limiting the advertisers to trusted ones. I wonder if this Piece of garbage Shawn Hogan and Brian Dunning are up to something else. The truth is there are thousands of chinese doing this and Russians and Americans and all over the world. All scumbags and if you think making a website is all then Nope. You have to focus on security every day and it wastes time and costs thousands and thousands of dollars.
Hijackers and their pictures there